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ATTENTION SHOPPERS: Please hide at the back of the store immediately.
My girlfriend gives me flashcards of romantic things I’m supposed to say
Stop Killing Yourself Lucy
I found some old emails from my brother who used to be an Arctic researcher. I don't think he's my brother anymore.
911 Transcript for "The Teddy Bear Abduction"
I have a paralyzing fear of water. After I became a dad, I found out why.
I bought a digital camera. I don’t know what to do about the horrible things I found inside.
I think something is wrong with my guardian angel.
One of My Patients Burned His House Down. I Understand Why.
I'm a park ranger at Mt. Rainier, people keep going missing, and I think I found out why
My uncle once poured holy water into a cement mixer. Today I found out why.
The sky is red, and it has always been red.
I was Never Born
The Waiting World.
I found a Journal washed ashore at the beach. What I read will give me nightmares the rest of my life.
C-section Kids Were Never Born
My boyfriend went missing in Glacier National Park. I think I know what happened to him.
My dog is talking to me and I don't like what he's saying
Every year in my village, there is a time during which everybody blacks out for 24 hours. In 2015, I remained conscious. Part 2
In my town of Brightwood Pines, murder was legal. I didn't question it until I started getting toothache.
My Friends And I Took A Vacation To A Place Called "Death Ridge Lodge..."
What I Can't Explain
I once gave feedback to a rival writer. Twenty years later, I paid the price.
I developed an AI to teach me how to flirt with a girl, but it wants her for itself.
We escaped from a haunted house, but I think something is wearing my wife’s skin.
My Boss Had a Dark Secret He Kept in the Back Rooms
Project Varanus escaped. I have to warn you of it.
This is a warning, read carefully
I am A Fisherman. Off the Bering Sea Exists The Fisher of Men.
I Found Undeveloped Film. They Belonged To a Dead Hoarder
I own an abandoned motel and I’m ready to meet my doom
The Romans were trying to contain something
Something Is Stalking Us In The Blizzard.
I Didn't Believe In Leprechauns Until Yesterday...
The Puram
How do you cancel a dinner date with a monster?
I was Hired as a Fire Lookout at Tower 14. I Hope You Can All Forgive Me for What I've Done...
I Photographed Something No One Can Explain
I Once Went Fishing Off the Florida Coast and What I Saw was Horrifying
I found a woman weeping at the mouth of a cave. She asked me to tell her what was inside.
The Tapping of the Keys
A dog named Sam
Be careful of the mods you install on Sims 4
If You Sleep with Your Mouth Open, Read This
My Dad's Doppelgängers Are Held Prisoner in My Basement
Pretty As A Picture
There's a hallway that shouldn't exist in the offices of Morana Air
We escaped from a haunted house, but the horror didn’t end there.
My wife's sleepwalking has taken a sinister turn
I'm the girl who last saw Casey Westwood. I lied about it to the police.
I cloned my family that died in a plane crash - I should've never played god.
We encountered something in the ocean that defies explanation.
I am Mr. Nobody
Rules for curating a haunted/cursed objects exhibition
Tachyons are real. But, god, I wish they weren't.
My wife loves Soup
I had an uncle with thirteen fingers. There were things in his mansion that shouldn't exist (part 1)
A 1940's Radio Says My Wife will Kill Me
I started chewing my fingernails and couldn’t stop.
When my father died, he left me a box of cassette tapes. I wish I'd never listened to them.
Let Me In
Somethings wrong with my sister and im scared