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I found out how my wife copes with the death of our son
I made a dummy account to catch my husband’s infidelity.
I lived on an abandoned oil rig until people started to vanish.
These are the rules of my house. My father found them in a butter container when we first moved in, and three years later we are all still following them.
She will come to me, blanketed in the stars.
I'm a dental hygienist. I think I killed my last patient.
The Kids In My Neighborhood Are Following People...And The People Who They Follow Disappear.
I work for the government rehabilitating ancient gods
I just wanted to go home...
Mom is a hypochondriac
I've been able to see bad intention on people since I was a kid. I still couldn't save my classmates from my teacher and town.
My uncle called it "The Witness", and now, so do I.
Icebergs are slamming into our oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. I don't think we will survive.
I found a creepy photo album that belongs to my wife but she denies ever seeing it.
I’m a park ranger and I found a town that doesn’t exist, part four.
The Kids In My Neighborhood Are Following People...And It's Worse Than I Thought (Part 2)
My Son Always Gets His Words Mixed Up
He comes with a scale, and we play a game for my life.
The Kids In My Neighborhood Are Following People...And Now I've Seen What They Do When They Catch Them (Part 3)
I’m a park ranger and I found a town that doesn’t exist, update five.
The Black Unicorn
Everyday, Somebody Calls my Phone and Gives Me a Piece of Knowledge.
My husband won't get off the fence
The Kids In My Neighborhood Are Following People...So We've Fled To The Woods (Part 4)
My basement just collapsed into an old mine shaft. Please help. Update
A few months ago I discovered the perfect town of Avante. Now I wish I had never visited.
I learned the hard way why you should never agree to come into work on your days off.
A Glimpse of Hell
Prom Night
I Might Be The Only One Left Who Knows The Truth About Mayflower Oklahoma
My neighbor’s scarecrow is starting to scare me
There is a well in my town. If you write down a secret and drop it into the well, money comes up. I wish I knew the real cost beforehand.
How I Became a Cat Person
Garbage Juice
I exorcised a demon and it followed me home. It will cost me everything.
A strangers will left me $12 million and a curse
My son ran away from my house after a girl in my neighborhood was murdered in one of the most brutal ways imaginable. What's scarier is that it wasn't at all who or what I would've expected. (Part One)
I Know What Really Happened to The KRI Nanggala-402
My Dad's Never Taken Care Of Himself - Last Month He Finally Started To
Melinda Grady, Obituary Lady
Something Took My Son
Olivia's Bird Watching Journal
We always follow the rules.
I snuck a souvenir into my bag. Big mistake.
We drew a house of offerings to lure a ghost to do our bidding.
I used to work at a haunted hotel
Something went wrong with our escape room
I've been trapped inside my best friend's fantasy for nine years. I just woke up.
Three kids went into the desert. Only two of them came back out.
My friends and I took pictures with The Easter Bunny inside of a dead mall, and I’m the only one who survived
I decided today that my marriage is too violent. This is the only perfect solution.
Breach of contract due to house being haunted
I get a lot of spam calls every day; this one truly frightened me.
I participated in a university experiment and was the only survivor
I was present at Mission Control during a secret space excursion that was covered up. Now I'm breaking my silence. No real names used.
The Worst Customer
Where I come from, we don't believe in ghosts or spirits. We have our own frightening creatures. We call them "Jinns."
I'm Being Haunted by a Bug?
I just wanted my brother back.
A Buffet for Monsters