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Every day Charlotte’s mother forgot to collect her from school.
I work at a private museum for the rich and famous. Don’t bring your kids here.
I Got More Than Just A Blowjob From The Glory Hole Down At Roxy's Roadhouse
FFS someone please help me, my daughter’s creepy-ass doll is alive and is taking real shits
Foraging for mushrooms is fun. But I really fucked up this time.
A man in a costume is pretending to be my mom's dog
Please don’t let this fail.
How to Survive Camping - collateral damage
Growing up, I was told to never close my eyes in the shower
My daughter had a slumber party 3 days ago. She hasn’t woken up since.
I moved into a rundown apartment complex. The other tenants and the mushrooms growing everywhere worry me.
All of our babies come from the forest
I moved into a rundown apartment complex. I had a really weird dentist's appointment.
Amy's missing. Have you seen her?
Do you see me?
I own a pair of dice that provide me with real-world luck; but their use comes at a terrible price…
My wife died. She came back home a few days after the funeral.
I’m a cop and everyone is pretending like my case from 15 years ago never happened (Part 3)
If you wake up at 3:33am, don't look outside.
I Interviewed a Man Claiming to be God, this is the Terrifying thing he told me
Never Play the Whisper Game
Grandpa said never to to go in the Greenhouse
If you live in the Houston area, there is a killer near you
My roommate is a Camgirl
I own a pair of dice that provide me with real-world luck; but their use comes at a terrible price… [Part 2]
Something went terribly wrong during my nightly pre-sleep ritual
We're never alone.
I'm a private pilot. Last week I saw things up there that I still can't explain.
Flight of a One-Winged Butterfly
I thought I'd found my Doppelganger but the Truth was much more Terrifying
Forty years ago, my grandmother trapped a witch in a mirror
Kids Love to Say What They're Thinking
I was just told the three words you never want to hear.
My Father Owned An Amusement Park
I'm a College Student studying Astronomy... I Accidently Found Out What's In Our Universe
Just a pair of legs.
The Other Woman
The Crypt
Don't Use the 5th Room
My College Roommate Kept a Dark Secret
I Worked On A Farm For A Guy On Craigslist
I’m on a baseball card, but I’ve never played baseball
The owners of the resort I'm staying at have coins for eyes
My son keeps having nightmares of clowns in the living room. Today I saw them too
My daughter said something unexpected about her dead twin
My father was afraid of the Ocean. Now I know why
My team and I raided an old building that should not exist. What we found inside should have been forgotten forever
Our first date went well, until we took the backroads. Never take the backroads off highway 3A.
I was looking for a Vampyr so I put an ad on Craigslist
I found a history book from the future. The chapter for 2021 is terrifying.
There is a monster that lurks at the bottom of my local pool... and a mirror that leads to another world. [Final]
I’ve forgotten the sun...
I brought my boyfriend back from the dead. He's not acting like himself (Part 1)
My city has been cut off from the world and overrun with monsters. I have a set of rules to stay alive. Rule #8: Singing can make your head explode. And no, I don't just mean getting a headache from bad singing on American Idol
I babysat my niece last night. Her favorite toy made sure I regretted it.
There’s a man made of wood who lives in the forest. He’s trying to keep me from the thing I want most in the world.
The Observers (Part 2) The dead woman rides for free
The Observers (Part 1) Hop on the Magic Tour Bus!
I'm Blind... Thank God.
If you hit something on a rural road at night, maybe it’s best you keep driving.
I Accepted the Wrong Job
I've lost 40 years of my life- please HELP!
The Platform at Midnight
I woke up in a torture chamber.
Charter School Survival Guide – Respect the Power of Knowledge
The Cold
The Observers (Part 4) Smoke and Mirrors. Ones and Zeroes.