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My mother forced me to play hide and seek every night at nine. One night, it wasn't a game.
Don’t play the ‘Can You Hide?’ game if it appears on your phone.
They can only get you if you react. DON'T REACT.
My husband is a food critic. I knew something was wrong when he enjoyed my cooking.
Uncle Peter lived inside the wall
Warnings to the wannabe cryptid hunters: Re: Jeremy Novak
Warnings to the wannabe cryptid hunters: I've got major fucking daddy issues
Warnings to the wannabe cryptid hunters: I can't even take a bath anymore
I Just Watched a TikTok Livestream and Now I Don’t Know What’s Real Anymore
I Think My Stalker Has Found Me Again After All These Years
My sister’s dead teacher taught her mathematics more dangerous than witchcraft.
I'm a Biology Teacher. Show and Tell Turned Out VERY badly Today...
My wife and I shouldn’t have gone to bed angry.
The Strange Handbook We Get As 911 Operators
My sister's boyfriend bought a mask from a garage sale. He started putting it on in the middle of the night.
I stole from the witch with razor fingers. Now I must pray to her every midnight.
I saw him counting backward. I had to try to stop him.
How to Survive College - why are software licenses so expensive anyway
Took a bad turn on a road trip, and now I don’t remember who I am.
You can’t sleep either? Good.
A homeless man asked for my help. I refused and paid the price.
My Grandfather’s Best Friend Drowned in the Creek When She was Ten Years Old - They Never Found Her Head
My 5-year-old daughter loves to play hide and seek. Sometimes I can't find her
I Found Evidence of a Nuclear Accident that Never Happened- the End
Three years ago, I was a research student working on a remote island. We were out of lab rats, so our professor used us instead.
My Wife Is Infected With a Viral Video
Life in the City.
Hello? Can anyone see this post?
They Came Through the Drive-Thru
My Missing Mother Paid Me a Visit in 1996. I've Never Told Anyone.
On the day I turned 18, I inherited a spellbook. Now I'm worried something's after me.
During Our Annual Village Fair, Our Entire Community Gets Together for a Game of Hide-And-Seek
Hypergamic Parasitoid Repurposer
I own an abandoned motel and no, we are NOT open for business
My Grandpa has a Terrifying Hobby
I work at a hotel and it terrifies me
No matter how innocent they may seem, you should never pay for a stranger's groceries.
If the Sun stops setting, don't stick around to watch
I Got Fucked by Zuckerberg and now I'm Trapped in The Metaverse. Help!
There’s been a bird whistling outside my window the past few nights. 10 minutes ago I heard it in my closet.
An App Used By Billionaires
We found an old abandoned house in the forest, we should have never gone down to the basement.
I wonder if they knew what was down here when they sent us.
These Male Dominion people are really terrible
My Grandmam always told me about the kelpie
The One from School
The Legacy of Christopher Paisley
They take away your nightmares. But the price is too high. Part Four.
My family purchased an old house. I found a gate to its dark past.
The Yearwalker (Final)
I think my roommate brought home a witch
I'm terrified of my bunkmate
The Smiling Prisoner
Rules for working at The Black Skull
Why I don't eat brownies