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My girlfriend would answer one question every night in her sleep.
I think I'm dating a goose
My Hometown is Missing.
I Bought a Creepy Painting in an Online Auction. There's Something Horribly Wrong with it...
Don’t open the door if you hear a girl skipping rope
I think I need to kill my daughter. Advice?
Have You Ever Wondered What's Inside Those Ugly Buildings Alongside The Highway?
My Near-Death Experience? I Got to Visit Heaven, but I was Sent to Hell
It's looking right at you.
My Hometown is Still Missing.
Peeping Tom
Have you ever played The Subway Game?
I’m a postman that delivers mail for horrifying beasts. I shouldn’t have opened that damn envelope.
I was a taxi driver 20 years ago and there's one passenger I will never forget
I'm Supposed To Be Alone
So, I'm pregnant. Name's Tom--
People think I hurt my daughter… if only they knew the truth
I am a Nurse for Victims of Horrors.
My Hometown is Dying.
I’m a postman that delivers mail for horrifying beasts. Avoid any doors covered with green slime at all costs.
Everyone in my town gets a personalized coffin after they turn thirteen- our survival depends on it.
There is an ancient tower in the middle of the North Atlantic (Part 7)
I am a priest. Every single day, the same man comes to church for a confession
On my college campus, I've learned to fear the water.
Fighting Evil with Father Mick (Part 2)
I'm a firefighter. What I saw beneath the burning woods was so much worse than fire.
I'm a Nurse for Victims of Horrors: Infectious Diseases
I have been a dental nurse for 2 years, and this was the worst thing I have ever seen.
Don’t read the 7:00AM newspaper.
My Passenger
The Lighthouse in Eastern Kentucky
The woods are haunted by the Lady of the Fan. We play on her altar every day.
I've Returned From The Night Stairs...and I'm Sorry If I'm Not The One You Expected (Part 5)
Has anyone heard of this cooking show?
I hired security to deal with the bad demons that visit my sex shop.
I’m a nurse for Victims of Horrors: Dollface
The Wilhelm Scream
Trick or Treat?
A Lamp on a Chair in a Fire Escape Doorway, Does Anyone Know what that Means?
I am never going back to America.
Body Swap
edisni eht no retteb si tI
I went to a zombie-themed role-playing event and I'm not sure if I'm still playing
When I was nine years old, I was severely traumatized on Halloween.
Someone keeps putting dirty dishes in my sink.
I'm a commentator for a tournament of nightmares. Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
I found a welcome retreat in my uncle's single-room cottage. Inside it, on the dining table, I also found the list of rules he left for me. It started with keeping the bed propped up on bricks. [Part 1]
The Ulthar caves should have never been Explored- Journal 3. FINAL.
This Beautiful Voice.
The Ulthar Caves should have never been Explored- Journal 2
Mom Eats Teeth
Do you know what a fatberg is? (PART ONE)
We caught thousands of fish at a lake, and something caught up with us.
Thanks for playing Unholy Questionnaire!
I’m choosing my veil tonight
My 40th birthday
The metal strangeness in my brain
A short recounting of my lives and my husbands
When I was a boy, a beetle hitched a ride with me in the woods.
I hit someone with my car and now she wont stop talking to me.
Something Keeps Knocking on my Window
The Visiting Chairs killed my only friend